Le Jardin

2015-03-03 09.25.12 (2)

Le Jardin (Max Factor 1982) is a sharp, green floral with fruity notes and a strong dose of civet.  Jasmine and tuberose are also certainly noticeable,

Le Jardin was the first scent I ever owned.  It was given to me when I was about six years old, and I remember how sweet, strong and intensely floral it smelled back then. Now when I wear it I find it even stronger, and sadly a bit more shrill than before.  I’ve heard that some perfume experts believe that skin chemistry is unimportant, but I disagree…  Some scents really do change how they interact on our skin with time and, again sadly, this Le Jardin is one of those fragrances for me. I may try this fragrance again though, just to make sure…   There’s nothing quite like the mixture of musky, animalic and yet entirely floral beauty of Le Jardin.

Well, provided our son doesn’t get sicker (he’s been a little under the weather today), and my husband and I manage to have a decent amount of sleep tonight, this weekend could be a somewhat relaxing.  Hopefully…

My husband is starting to become saddened by the thought of moving, and that’s saying something.  But where we live is a lovely spot.


Well, I hope this finds you doing well dear reader.  I honestly do.  🙂  Thanks for being patient with the chaos of my posts lately. It will become more regular again…  🙂

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