Tiara Bouquet

2015-06-26 14.34.09
Tiara by Lenthéric (Lenthéric 1913) starts with a fresh, moving green floral burst and then proceeds to warm into a powdery, floral charm.   It smells a little soapy too.   Tiara is a vintage scent, but it’s not heavy or terribly unaccessible…   The crispness of this fragrance is particularly pleasant, especially in warmer weather.


There is so much going on my life right now, and yet I have many hours of the day to write, ponder and get lost in thought. It’s a strange combination.  I have a very hard time not letting my mind wander away because there’s so much to process, but then I feel guilty for not getting enough done.    I’m sorry I’ve let this blog go…  I sincerely hope to stop doing that.

I’ve realized that when I become overwhelmed or moved by something in life I tend to sink inward and become quiet, serious and a little sedated…   And while I feel creative, the creativity only comes out incremementally until it pours out, and when that happens I often feel much better because in that quiet time I’ve often learned something and in expressing it everything fits together again.

Make sense?  Maybe not.  🙂  But thanks for reading.  How was your week?

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