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Balsamic, spicy and a tiny bit green (to my nose), Tuvara (Tuvaché 1948) is a warm, exotic vintage beauty.   The incense, patchouli, aldehydes and chamomile seem strongest at first.  Eventually, sandalwood, myrrh, vetiver, musk and oakmoss reign supreme.

Tuvara reminds me of the other fragrance by Tuvaché I own, Sumatra.  While Sumatra is a bit less sandalwood sweet, just to name one difference, they are both dense, smooth and complex.  They are both quite captivating.  I feel fortunate to have both in my fragrance wardrobe and perhaps will keep my eyes open for other Tuvaché scents..

Top notes: chamomile, bergamot, lavender and aldehydes. Middle notes: ylang-ylang, geranium, jasmine, patchouli and incense.  Base notes: sandalwood, myrrh, vetiver, labdanum, oakmoss, musk, patchouli and vanilla.

Last night my son decided to have his own personal party at 2:00 am.  Mom and dad were invited…  We attended.  It wasn’t a bad party.  There were lots of finger foods…  toddlers are big fans of that I guess.  And at the end of it all, we drove him around and he fell asleep listening to good music in our car.  He’s a great little guy.  I just wish he liked sleep more…  Ha!

Anyway, it’s been a real “week” for us.  My husband and I have always had issues in our marriage (from day one) but this week they came to the surface for whatever reason…  It’s not that we fight a lot anymore (for better and worse).  We’re more or less best friends and occasionally have our fights like any close relationship often requires.  It’s other stuff…   Stuff that’s hard to resolve.   Thing is, not to sound arrogant or conceited, but I think we’re both basically decent people and I think we care about each other a lot, but once you cross a bridge and you keep going for years in that direction, it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s a very long road back. But, I suppose the good news is that given the quality of the man I’m married to, it’s much easier to discuss things…   So, on top of our many other “irons in the fire” there’s that too.  Sigh.  Oh life…

But I’ve finally started losing my baby weight.  😉  Haha.  I have about five to ten lbs. to go, although we’ll see.  I almost don’t want to be quite as skinny as I was before again.  Oh, and my son seems to be reading.  Yup.  Reading.  He’s two. He’ll sometime point to phrases or words written somewhere and say them.  I’m bragging.  I’m sorry (not entirely).  Ha! Maybe that’s why he hates sleep.  He has exciting things to discover.

Until tomorrow.  🙂

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