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Since our samples are all almost entirely packed or put away somewhere I thought I’d write about this mystery bottle of perfume.  It’s warm, spicy and sweet.  I’m guessing at notes of coumarin, cinnamon, benzoin, amber and cloves for certain – possibly neroli.  It’s a very vintage balsamic fragrance, whatever it is.  There’s a beautiful, powdery depth to this scent.

I’m going to post a review of several Chanel skincare products later but for now I’ll just say that I’m getting to the point where Chanel is in genuine competition with Sephora (despite Sephora’s great perks) for my online purchases.  I can find almost anything I want at Chanel now (makeup, skincare etc) other than the Diorshow mascara I’ve grown to love…


Basically, to summarize, Chanel’s Resynchronizing line is marvelous with the exception that there’s a massive amount of fragrance in all the products…  And fragrance isn’t exactly optimal for the skin of course.  But yes, other than that it’s lovely!  Le Jour, Le Nuit and Le Weekend all absorb very well and quickly and my skin looks noticeably better. Again, my only qualm is the scent (little bit ironic maybe).

…I’m feeling a little more optimistic about my life overall today.  I hope that continues.  It’s nice to feel a bit more optimistic than usual…  Ha! 🙂

How is your day going dear reader?  There’s a very good chance I’ve at least wondered who you are and hoped you are doing well, and for those who read this regularly who I know or at least have met in some way, I certainly am thinking of all of you when I say thanks for reading and hugs to you all.

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  1. jawdroppuh says:

    My day is about to end, but I’m hoping your optimism sticks with me tomorrow. ttfn!

    1. karrielinn says:

      I hope so!! Thank you for the follow and the comments! 🙂

      1. jawdroppuh says:

        You’re welcome, and thank you too! Without sounding creepy I thought about your post on my way to work this morning, and so far it’s been a good day!

      2. karrielinn says:

        Not creepy! It means a lot to hear that! I hope your day continues that way. 🙂

      3. jawdroppuh says:

        🙂 I hope you have a great day as well!

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