2015-10-04 17.19.37

I found this bottle of Romance Incense Oil at an antique store. I haven’t been able to find much about the notes, or even really who made it, but it’s a charming scent.

It opens with strong pine and woody notes, however it’s also quite balsamic and there’s a floral delicacy and freshness that reminds me of spring in a forest. It gets better and better as it continues and, as the name suggests, it is a bit romantic actually…

This little bottle is a treasure in my estimation. I’m glad I found it…

The more open I become on this blog the easier it is…   It’s a pleasant surprise.

Last night was rough.  I went out with my husband and we had a difficult time together.   He’s such a great person but we’re so badly suited emotionally for each other that when we try to enjoy each other’s company in any way but as friends it just ends up being bloody.

He’s brilliant.  I’m not kidding.  He actually really is…   And I have my areas where I might be considered gifted by some, but those areas are different from his.  Sound complimentary?  Well, it would be complimentary perhaps if there was the one similar link somewhere that connected us on some deep level…  There isn’t.  He’s a great guy.  I wish there was…

How did we end up together?!  It’s a long story…  Maybe later.  Maybe…

Will we get divorced?  Well…  There’s lots of reasons to (like both of us finding people we can really connect with) but…  I don’t take the decision lightly.   But whatever the decision is, I just want the best for everyone…   Sigh.

Last night was pleasant though in some ways, albeit sad too.  We did get to spend some time around St. Paul in general and that was lovely…  Right now, the leaves are bright, warm colors and they light up trees and float about in the air, falling  here and there.  They’re almost painfully beautiful…

… Until tomorrow.

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