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With a strong green aldehydic opening, Climat (Lancôme 1967 ) is vintage at the start. As it continues with lots of violet, a soft, warm peach and a poignant vetiver, amber, and bamboo it’s quite stunning. Then, this dramatic classic proceeds into a languid, gorgeous rosy glow. Really, from start to finish this fragrance transcends time, and remains charming – perfectly sweet and complex.

Top notes: violet, peach, jasmine, lily-, rosemary and tuberose. Base notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, bamboo and vetiver.


We’ve completely cleared out of our place…  It feels awful but I’m looking forward to moving on too in a way.   I’m the sort of person who likes finishing things up more than a happy ending.  It’s a weakness because I can be impatient and a little pessimistic at times but it’s a strength in that I prefer truth and growth no matter how bittersweet or almost entirely unpleasant.

Tomorrow we’re flying out…  All of us (very busy toddler included).  On a plane for at least three hours.  That will be interesting…  I’ve been too scared to do it before.  🙂

And on a rather gloomy/hostile note, I really don’t like most people right now.  Sorry dear reader…   I’ve never said or felt that to such a degree as I do right now.   I’m sorry…  I know it’s actually ridiculous (and I mean that), but lately I just keep seeing so many people act so…  cold.   So…  almost heartless.  So able to inflict pain on others for whatever reason…

Why do so many people hate the very vulnerability in themselves and others that makes them worth a shit?  Now, I’m not saying that we should all walk around being a total hot mess all the time, but…  what about emotional intelligence?  What about love?

My whole life I’ve played nice.  But, I’ve been bullied, etc.  and I’ve had an enormous amount of nitwits think I’m too “cute” to have real feelings or actual intelligence.  Ironically (maybe it’s not ironic?) my “cuteness” has never parlayed into romantic luck though…  Only once did a guy (who was actually into women sexually) ever try very hard to pursue me beyond just trying to sleep with me (I’ve seen a fair amount of that).  And that guy, sadly, was not someone I liked at all… dear soul.  And no, my dear husband has never pursued me either.   We are great friends though so that’s nice…

But anyway…  the whole “cuteness” (what the hell does that mean anyway I often wonder) thing while pleasant enough in some ways has been ultimately seemingly less than pointless…  It’s been a liability at times and because of it people expect my life to be something it’s painfully never come even marginally close to being.  Oh and p.s. with all due respect to equality between the sexes, I firmly believe, if a guy doesn’t pursue you he’s probably “not that into you.”  And actually, nevermind…  because the same holds true for women too (not that I know from dating them but I am one so…) … if a lady doesn’t pursue you back she’s probably not that into you either.

Anyway, in any situation, most times I try to keep cool and be almost obnoxiously sweet to a. be truly loving because people need love and b. to piss off/annoy genuine assholes who just want to control people by getting to them. But after last night when some fool who considers himself a doctor (a neighbor to my mother) said my brilliant son who can read at two and four months (I’m not exaggerating and I started reading at two and a half) that he thought my son seemed “backward” and then partially retracted when he realized that my son is only two and not three or four like his height suggests…  When that happened…  It made me want to punch him in the fucking face.  And, can you imagine how successful that would have been?  Yeah…  It’s actually funny.  I’m such a wimp in that way…  He probably would have just sneezed in response.

Right now, if reincarnation is real, I want to come back as a mosquito…  A mosquito that lives supernaturally long in the bedroom of someone who really deserves it.  🙂

Hugs…  because for many of you reading this none of this is about you…

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  1. Who the hell would say that to a mother about their infant kid!! Why did he think he could say that? Im sorry you’re hating the world. Youre obviously a smart persons. Your stories are keen as hell. I reckon you should get more followers. Someone advised me to do that and it has been a positive thing in my life so far. But each to their own as we said before.

    1. karrielinn says:

      My mom lives in a condominium with a lot of older people, but it’s not an actual retirement facility – older people just like the building for some reason… Anyway, he said it to my mother in the elevator while she was holding my son actually… But that’s still inappropriate I think too. I think the man likes to pretend he’s an expert when it comes to children because he works with actual experts at the local children’s hospital. But haha, working WITH experts is certainly NOT the same thing as being one. I didn’t include this but he ran into my husband and I with our son about a year ago in the elevator and told us the exact opposite (he didn’t recognize our son obviously). He must just go around mindlessly making pronouncements about people’s kids… It’d be almost funny if it wasn’t so wrong and insulting. And as I’m explaining this to you I’m realizing how weird this person is being and that’s helping me distance myself…

      You think I should get more followers? Why is that (and I mean that sincerely not defensively)? Maybe I will… 🙂 I have about 60 right now… I have a lot more on the Instagram account linked to this blog, but it’s different. My blog is different. It’s more authentic… Thank you for complimenting my writing. I obviously have a lot of room for improvement, but thank you! And thank you for your comment… You’re very kind and encouraging and, as I said, responding to you has helped me think it all through more…

      1. That explains it then. Sounds like a silly guy. Ah yes, I had a stalk of your instagram. I only have wordpress. Not even fb anymore. Nah you probably dont need to change anything actually. You seem like youre doing ok in general.

    2. karrielinn says:

      And… Funnily enough, about my son, my mother shared today that after the man said all his nonsense my son pointed at him apparently and said, “Fake! Fake!”‘ Haha! My son had that right…

    3. karrielinn says:

      Ok… So… I’m not sure what you meant, but thank you? And thanks yet again for commenting in general.

  2. karrielinn says:

    Hmm… Well, I still might. It sounded like a good idea actually… Yes… A silly man indeed. 🙂

    I don’t have Facebook, only Instagram… I wondered if you had Instagram. I was going to look for you. Ok in general? How do you see that? 🙂

    1. Sorry I didnt get a notification for this comment. I dont have instagram haha. I said you seem ok because I thought I might have been projecting and that getting more followers isnt actually something that would suit for you.

      1. karrielinn says:

        Got it! Sorry I didn’t understand… No… I’m not sure you were projecting actually. You might have been and then again, maybe not. 🙂 I wonder if I even can?! Haha! I’m going to try actually (using your method). We’ll see what happens…

      2. Cool… my patented never before seen method haha ; ) Well, good luck with that then!

      3. karrielinn says:

        Haha! 🙂 😀 Thank you!

  3. ‘Truth and growth’ by the way- that’s exactly the phrase I was looking for to describe what I want from wordpress.

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