Cardin de Pierre Cardin

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Clove and cumin are strong and very green in Cardin de Pierre Cardin (Pierre Cardin 1976). Ylang ylang, labdanum, moss, vetiver, sandalwood and cedar combined with spice create a cozy chypre kicked by a note of civet. And, with warm base notes, Cardin ends pleasantly.

Top notes: citrus, aldehydes, bergamot, clove and cumin.  Middle notes: roses, ylang-ylang, jasmine, oak and cedar.  Base notes: amber, civet, musk, labdanum, moss, sandalwood and vetiver.

Today we’re flying out to Seattle early in the morning (I’m getting up at 4:30 am) and we’ll be arriving there around 8:45 with the time change…

I keep thinking of neighborhoods I’m going to miss with their canopy of Autumn leaves and old architectural beauties.  I think about the things I hold dear…  and the memories I have.

Life feels so transient sometimes.

If we make it to the airport, through security, on the plane, we’re all not totally exhausted and don’t have any major injuries I’ll be satisfied…   Last night my son ran wildly around my mother’s place with a broom, my mother couldn’t figure out what to pack, my husband smoked up the air by trying to cook breakfast before we went to sleep “for the sake of convenience” and I floated about lackadaisically in a haze of emotion.

Until later…  (I’m going to do an update)


So! We made it to Seattle safely! Our son was wide awake and busy the entire way until the literal last five minutes when he dozed off.  Just after we landed he was out…  He slept for a while thankfully but not thankfully at the same time because my husband then had to carry him in his car seat along with a backpack across the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport…

We all had a ton of heavy bags actually.  And that part was both problematic and embarrassing (I’m not making that mistake ever again).  At security they stopped us because we tried to pack a meat tenderizer (I actually didn’t pack the tenderizer my husband did but I was too “in my own world” when he was packing to notice/say anything last night and he’s the sort of person who will attempt such things) and a disassembled lamp in our luggage…  Oh and we had pots and pans too (we didn’t pack the moving truck that well…  clearly).  They were understandably confused and then, of course, when they realized we were moving all was well (except we lost the meat tenderizer).  But, of course, the flight crew loved us too – all our bags held up the flow of things…

When we arrived I found a box we had checked in, or thought I found a box we had checked in but actually it belonged to someone who was changing planes in Seattle on their way to Singapore.  The boxes were almost entirely identical and of about equal weight and I foolishly didn’t check anything else…  So…  there I sat on top of a box that was supposed to be going to Singapore.  But thankfully, a man who worked for the airlines tracked the box down after running around looking for it.  He gave me this look of suspicion and then looked at the box I was sitting on and I thought, “is it weird that I’m sitting on a box?” But no.  He explained that that was not my box…  And I promptly stood up and found our box.

Anyway…  🙂  We made it.

Thanks for reading.





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  1. Good luck with your move, by the way.

    1. karrielinn says:

      Thank you!! 🙂 I’m writing this from the air… Hopefully my son will fall asleep soon… It’s getting “interesting” haha.

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