Warm Cotton

2015-06-15 12.06.10 (2)

Warm Cotton by Clean (Clean 2007) smells very… clean.  Intensely clean…  Matter of fact, on my skin it is overwhelming and makes me feel a bit ill.  On others I’m sure a certain elegance or some sort of freshness must emerge…  But, sea notes and I do not get along…

This fragrance reminds me a bit of Clean cotton by Yankee Candle Company but with the same sensibility of CK One perhaps…  Anyway, it’s yet again, another aptly named scent.

Top notes: citruses and lemon verbena.  Middle notes: fruits, orange blossom and sea notes.  Base notes: amber, musk and fern.


Sooo…  the lady who we were going to rent from met my husband and then told us she didn’t want to rent to us because of a “personality conflict.”  As much as my husband and I have our problems and don’t “click” I found it a bit ridiculous and incredibly flaky considering it was seemingly decided already…  But, I figure it’s good to have had problems with her now so we can avoid a catastrophe she could have caused in the future.  Bless her heart.  Still, it was/is a mess…

Soo…  Today will mostly consist of trying to find somewhere to live.  My husband starts work on Wednesday.

The sea is beautiful…  And last night, at the hotel, I had a really nice glass of red wine and a chocolate tart.  It was a pleasant way to end the night.  Although, it was funny, we ordered it rather late and something about the order (and the fact that my husband ordered it?) must have suggested that we were having a “sexy night out” because the staff, while absolutely charming, seemed to think we were about to “get busy” once the order arrived, or perhaps that it was foreplay, or something…  Their comments and the tone of their voices were laced with inneudo.  Seriously though, I thought it was a very optimistic and personable perspective on things on their part (that they even consider the personal lives of their guests and assumed that that’s why you’d order wine and chocolate) and it made me giggle because it was obviously so far from the truth… When the lady who brought the tart and wine up left she said in a hushed, suggestive tone, “Have a good night!”  It was a good night, but of course, not quite in the same way. 🙂

My husband had the giggles last night too.  At one point when he ordered the tart and wine for me he couldn’t get anyone on the phone so he called the front desk.  They answered and wondered if he had pressed the correct buttons.  My husband thought it might be hilarious if he tried pressing ALL the buttons on the phone, taking notes and then calling the front desk back with a full report.  🙂  How can you not want to rent to a man with that sense of humor?  🙂

Thanks for reading.

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