Black Satin


Black Satin (Angelique 1946) is a soft, warm, sparkling oriental gem. The straightforward aldehydic opening and powdery, green notes are sassy but comforting in a way that only a vintage fragrance can be.  Notes of orris root, benzoin, styrax, amber, coriander, oakmoss and galbanum are strongest from my observation.  Black Satin is an oriental fragrance of true beauty.


Top notes: aldehydes, citronella, lemon, geranium, and galbanum. Middle notes: oil of cardamom, coriander, lily of the valley,  lavender, jasmine, and iris.
Base notes: Arabian myrrh, oakmoss, Indian sandalwood, orris, amber, patchouli, cedar, benzoin, vetiver, and styrax.

Well, we have a place live!  It’s very new and fresh feeling.  Perhaps things are working out for the best.  We’ll be moving in today…

Last night I was talking with my mom who came along on our move.  We were talking about how my husband and I are separated and I told her that if I ever get involved with anyone again (including my own husband) I’ve learned the hard way a lot more about what I’m looking for.

When my husband and I were first dating he was seeing a lot of other people (I wasn’t) and it was a constant, anxious competition between me and about seven other young ladies (he regrets this)…  Yeah.  So, to start with, I know for a fact that I will never be with anyone who expects me to compete for their affections or who is in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with anyone else.  Ever.  And you know, it’s funny, I’m sure at least a few of those other women thought I “won” when my husband decided to finally be with just me but honestly when a relationship starts that way, at least in my experience, nobody “wins.”  It’s a crappy, crappy way to begin…

Anyway… I also want to be with someone who makes me happy and who I make happy.  Relationships where there’s tons of negative drama can seem like they would be more “real” or “passionate” but in reality I think a true deep connection is more likely to bring a certain warmth, some normal drama but nothing emotionally damaging, and well… happiness.  And no, I’m not saying people are supposed to “make you happy” but I think being in a good relationship of any sort with people does bring happiness…


I miss St. Paul.  Seattle is stunning and there’s tons of cool people here…  But I miss St. Paul.


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