Private Collection


Green, intensely green actually with an unbelievably fresh floral beauty, Private Collection (Estée Lauder 1973) is unique.  With a bit of soapy spice, this fresh cut grassy scent is bold.  Notes of linden, ylang-ylang, Bulgarian rose, chrysanthemum, reseda, musk, heliotrope and sandalwood are blue and clean.

And, I would also like to note that  beginning to wonder if my perfumes smell different here in Seattle.  The fragrances I’ve tried so far smell much brighter than back in St. Paul…  I’m liking that.  The notes really pop out at you…  Time to experiment.  Hmm…

Top notes: green notes, honeysuckle, linden, jasmin and orange blossom.  Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, chrysanthemum, reseda, ylang-ylang and coriander.  Base notes: sandalwood, heliotrope, amber and musk.

Well…  We’re all tired, but I think we should have a good day…

I need to get my hair cut.  Living in this city makes me want to dress differently.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing…  It’s kind of fun.

How is your week ending?!  🙂

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