Unspoken (Avon 1975) is a floral fragrance.  At first I smell musk, rose, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine.  And orange blossom…  Oh my goodness the orange blossom is fierce and very indolic!  The jasmine is indolic too.  Honestly, I don’t like this fragrance much.  I think indolic can be done badly and this is a good example.  It smells funky and I don’t mean that in a good way…  Think of a cheap polyester moo moo found in an attic with mold growing in it.   Not good.

In the early drydown a sugary, sweet, powdery, dirty (civet?) quality emerges.  It’s very 1970’s (not in a good way) and I suppose if worn to a costume party this fragrance could “work” in the drydown…  But would it be worth it?  Maybe?  If you really wanted a certain authenticity.

But!! After about three hours or so it’s actually faintly pretty in a very green, warm, lily/orange blossom way.

(I can’t find notes listed.)

Lately I’ve been contemplating “my look.”  I have a desire to dress differently now that I feel a little more freedom to (based on the culture where I just moved).  I picked the fragrance Unspoken today for that reason.   Our clothes send unspoken messages (corny connection I know) about who we are, how we feel about ourselves, etc.  And, ironically, the fact that the fragrance today smells awful at least a first is appropriate, I think.  Many times we communicate negative things that we don’t mean to communicate.  Things like, “I’m tired, leave me alone.”  Or, “I’m trying to hide (insert something you’re self conscious about) please don’t look there and if you do be nice!”

Anyway, I need a change.  So…  I’m going to be people watching and just looking around me more in general.

Darn it’s hard though.  Figuring out “your style” is so much more psychologically complex than some people might believe.  And even if you have some deep inklings of what you like (I’ve posted about this at least twice before) that doesn’t mean you know how to easily translate that into what looks good on you.

Sigh.  I’m going to really try this time…

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