Jazz Club

2015-06-29 15.37.18 (2)Perfectly sweet, masculine, and urbane, Jazz Club (Maison Martin Margiela 2013) is a very modern but infinitely charming fragrance.  Meant to be an olfactory replication of a Brooklyn jazz club in 2013 the fragrance description is listed as, “Heady cocktails and cigars.”   I can indeed smell a smoky, cigar note and a note of rum absolute that is rich and elegant.  And, I can almost hear jazz music, melodious, mellow but spicy when I smell this intensely smooth, but sizzling (pink pepper) scent.  I rarely like contemporary fragrances for men but I quite like this one…

Notes: tobacco leaf, rum absolute and pink pepper. 

Today…  Oh boy.  I’ll update this section later. 🙂

Update:  Well…  My perfume entirely seems to have survived save a few scratches.   Our furniture however is in rough shape.  Some pieces were totally destroyed.  An armoire was almost entirely destroyed.  A bed was destroyed.  An antique cabinet was scratched.  A bookshelf was almost obliterated.   A chair was scuffed…  The couch was scuffed.  It was weird.

…I’m so confused in my mess of scattered stuff.  Haha.

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  1. Lawrie says:

    Karrie, love–I’ve been out of touch–Beth just told me you’d moved and I realize I have no contact info for you these days. Email me when you can–you know where to find me! I have friends in Seattle I want to connect you with–good friends!! And I am SORRY about your stuff–sounds like the movers from hell–hope they’re insured! Love you!

    1. karrielinn says:

      Well, it’s easy to do! I’m guilty of it too! Sorry! I’ll email you! 🙂 Thank you for making an effort to get in touch.

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