Crystal Noir


Warm, sweet and inviting Crystal Noir (Versace 2004) is a luscious modern floral with an unexpectedly seductive, and charming edginess.  Similar to Bright Crystal in its watery, sharpness (peony) Crystal Noir is also rather uplifting and almost hopeful…  Although the sensuality of this scent fits the name, it’s not to be confused with a somber or sad noir.

Quite quite pretty….

Top notes: ginger, cardamom, and pepper.  Middle notes: coconut, peony, African orange flower, and gardenia.  Base notes: musk, amber and sandalwood.  

Later today I’m going to post photos of my outfit.  I’ll be attempting something as close to my natural inclinations as possible.  🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Ok…  So here’s my best attempt at a full length selfie.  I don’t have a mirror here that’s big enough yet so I improvised and used my reflection in a sliding glass door…

And, turns out, upon further investigation I discovered that I actually do have a decent amount of “classic” clothes in my wardrobe but I’ve been wearing them all wrong, I think.  Anyway, here are two photos of what I wore:

image image

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