Moschino Couture!

2015-12-03 23.34.28 (2)

An ultra bright, sweet fragrance, Moschino Couture! (Moschino 2004) is heavy on peony, poppy and pepper in my estimation.  Citrus notes and warm base notes are charming at first, and during the drydown they are . perfection – a lovely note of cedar sings madly.

This scent is definitely from the 2000’s… but that’s not at all a bad thing. Think in particular of the Aqua Allegoria fragrances from that time (yesterday’s Gentiana), Juicy Couture, even the original verion of Miss Dior Cherie!  That was not a bad time for fragrance…  For a light, spring in your step, feminine, optimistic and romantic scent look no further than Moschino Couture!

Top notes: bergamot, tangerine and pepper.   Middle notes: yellow poppy, pomegranate, jasmine, peony and poppy. Base notes: benzoin, vanilla and cedar. 

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