2015-12-04 20.16.48 (2)

Soft and supple floral notes make the original Chanel Gardenia (Chanel 1925) a dreamy, romantic fragrance.  I believe I smell jasmine, violet, tuberose (?), and something incedibly creamy and a bit powdery.  I think there’s also a note of lily-of-the-valley.  I can see the similarity between the current Gardenia from the Les Exclusifs line at Chanel and this version, but this is wilder, heady and subversive while paradoxically remaining a little aloof and demure.   It reminds me a bit of vintage Joy by Jean Patou and a bit of a few current fragrances from the Hove Parfumeur of New Orleans, Louisiana.  The floral notes are green, and authentic but there’s also something very mysterious about them…   And again, this is a suberversive scent.  For some reason, the person who comes to mind most is Grace Kelly…  Now, this scent was released in 1925, but I can picture her wearing it very well…   It’s sad it’s no longer made in the exact same way. It’s remarkable.

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