Matin Clair

Sultry, sexy, yet airy (and eventually even a bit soapy), Matin Clair (Brajan 1925) smells like a fated romance in perfume form.   My small bottle of it is from the 1920’s and it was discontinued in the 1930’s (click link above for more information), but I don’t have an exact list of notes…  My best guess is that it would be classified as a white floral, aldehydic, balsamic, powdery, aromatic, very 1920’s scent with likely notes of: aldehydes, lily-of-the-valley, peach (??), ylang ylang, galbanum (?), jasmine, iris, rose, honeysuckle (maybe?), violet, bergamot, geranium (??), sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, benzion, styrax (??), opoponax, possibly incense, maybe civet  and vanilla?  There are very likely notes I missed and/or have wrong but that’s my estimation…   It’s a sublime fragrance, and reminds me a great deal of fragrances from both Lanvin and later Balmain.

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