Tabac Blond

2015-12-24 19.44.50

Ahh, the infamous, iconic Tabac Blond (Caron 1919)…  I have wanted to smell this glorious scent in vintage form since nearly I first started collecting fragrances.  It was the scent of flappers in the 1920’s, edgy and daring and I’ve read on more than one occasion (I think) that it was a favorite of Marlene Dietrich.

I was given a bottle this Christmas and I have to say, I love it…

It’s a strong leather.  The whole complex, amazing fragrance embodies strength actually…  It’s a bit smoky, a little sweet, spicy in the drydown, and in the opening a bright, perfectly citrusy, piquant note of lime compliments floral notes that are demure yet wildly appealing.  And, I can see how it was in the same generation of fragrances as Shalimar.  It has that same elegant sparkle.

Honestly, although Marlene Dietrich is associated with this rich, powerful masterpiece and I’d like to think that I can imagine how it may have suited her well, for some reason I think of Katharine Hepburn when I smell it…   It’s unafraid, intelligent, and nearly explosive but ultimately too well-bred and cerebral to lose composure, and it has that same sturdy, warm playfulness Hepburn portrays in most of her roles…

It’s one of my new favorites.  I’m going to have to eventually find more…

Top notes: carnation, leather, and lime blossom.  Middle notes: ylang ylang, iris, and vetiver.  Base notes: Virginia cedar, vanille, musk and patchouli.  

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