Liu (Les Parisiennes)


The current Liu (Guerlain 2005) opens with a sweet, balsamic and beautifully aldehydic Guerlinade. And, it’s almost salty… The floral notes smell gentle and yet distinct – the olfactory equivalent of flowers on a postcard, tinted with age. Just as the vintage extrait reminds me a bit of Chanel No. 5, so does the current Liu, but unlike the vintage extrait I also detect traces of notes that take a similar shape in the current Chamade… And then, suddenly, there’s a burst of an airy bergamot… Liu (Les Parisiennes) is a warm, ebullient but somewhat serious fragrance.

On a personal note, this fragrance is very unique for me… At first I was not amazed by the current Liu and the vintage version was lovely but not a fragrance I would naturally gravitate to. Yet, after a few moments mixing with my skin chemistry I could not deny that the current Liu seems to love me (not a common thing with my chemistry)… Something almost magical happens and while I prefer a few other fragrances more, other than Chanel No. 22 nothing is more complimentary. I will definitely have to buy a bottle… or two.

Top notes:aldehydes, neroli and bergamot.  Middle notes are rosemary, jasmine and rose.  Base notes are iris, amber, vanilla and woody notes.

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