Douce Amere


It opens with a prickly, green and woody floral bouquet and warms to bring a sweet, sensual glow.  Douce Amere ( Serge Lutens 2002) is almost subtle but in actuality very distinct.

I purchased a sample because I was trying to discover what absinthe might smell like in perfume.  Douce Amere is Serge Luten’s absinthe fragrance with its note of artemisia and it’s seemingly one of the more popular absinthe fragrances available.

The artemisia is lovely.  It perfectly compliments the delicate but voluptuous florals.  The note of vanilla quietly rounds the edges and the spicy but reserved cinnamon brings mystery.

I’m not sure I’ll purchase a full bottle but then again I might…  I need to try other absinthe scents.   It’s such a fascinating note.

Notes: cinnamon, tiare blossom, jasmine, lily, artemisia and vanilla.


Well, after leaving Facebook in 2014 I’m now back…  It was accidental.  I logged on the other night because I wanted to reread old messages I sent an old romance.  Then a friend I haven’t talked to since I left friend requested me ( I unfriended everyone, took down all my photos and etc.  because I was serious about leaving).  I didn’t want to seem rude so I accepted their request.  I haven’t talked to them in years and I had no other contact with them other than via Facebook so it seemed unavoidable without sending a long message and frankly, that night, rejoining Facebook seemed less draining than a long explanation. And I almost wanted to rejoin ayway…  So…  I’m back.

I’m not sure how I feel about it though…  It will be nice to be reconnected to people I missed (like the friend who welcomed me back) but it’s a little overwhelming too.  And, there’s a lot of people from college and before then that I probably won’t request to be friends with again.


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