Mukhallath Seufi


Mukhallath Seufi (Al Haramain) is stunning.  Aldehydes mix with notes of lavender, plum, Turkish rose, cloves, a subtle citrus, sandalwood and oud to caress the skin in rich, powerful but delicate beauty.

Mukhallath Seufi is also effervescent, especially in the early drydown when patchouli, vetiver, tonka and cedar set stage for the blooming rose and jasmine is a soft whisper. And, not to be outdone, in the later drydown it becomes fruity, bright, light and quite cheerful, while still maintaining intensity and passion.

The fragrance is certainly full bottle worthy…  It’s magnificent.

Top notes: bergamot, sage, lavender, geranium, aldehydes, mango, plum, orange and lime.  Middle notes: cloves, nutmeg, turkish rose, saffron, palisander rosewood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium, orris root and lily-of-the-valley.  Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, musk, tonka bean, agarwood (oud), vanilla, amber and moss.


Well…  For whatever reason my old flame still hasn’t read the message I sent…

And, see, here’s where the trick is.

In the distant past I would have assumed things of him that I know could happen to me like being too busy, too stressed-out, etc to read it or notice.  And, I’m the sort of person who can take that to extremes too depending on the situation…

I am very capable of responding to people anywhere from virtually instantaneously to months or years down the road.  And I’m sure it’s frustrating for some people, but I’m just that unpredictable I’m afraid…  (Although I’d like to think my intentions and reasons are generally sound and good.)

But I know better now…   I know that most people don’t put stuff off that they’re going to actually do…  especially people like him (or who I thought he was).

And you know, the sad and ironic thing is, as much as a response of any sort would have been utterly fantastic (I love knowing the truth.), all I really wanted was for him to just read the stupid message…  He just had to read it.  That’s all.

Damn it.

Oh well…  I tried to say what I needed to.

And you know, if he purposefully ignores my message forever (crazy internet glitches not included), given our specific history (and that I’ve only contacted him twice, including this time, since he ended things years and years ago), I think that it says something about him as a person.  Like, he was actually pretty cold…

Or he gets scared by deep (negative and positive) emotions?

Or he doesn’t have an abundant amount of empathy or compassion?

Or just… that I meant very little to him.  And was apparently disposable in his eyes…

And, it all has me thinking.  I’m realizing that one of the biggest, worst, most disastrous mistakes I made in dating was not analyzing enough how much I liked guys I was getting to know as people.  It sounds so painfully obvious but I don’t think it necessarily is…

What I should have been thinking is, “If I was a guy, would I want to be friends with him?”  “Would I think he’s annoying or would I want to get to know him better and spend time with him?”

So simple.  Grr!! (Smh!)

I certainly looked for good character traits, etc in men but I didn’t think through how much I actually liked them in a non romantic way.  I truly wish I had.

Would I have liked the guy I sent this message to?  I’m not sure I know…  But, I think, at any rate, I would have noticed things about him that were both good and bad that went over my head.

As I reflect on it now several things come to me…  He was a pretty calm guy, and I bet he rarely got that angry.  But, he was also very serious.   Very serious.

And the realization of those traits doesn’t change much, but Hmm.  Interesting (to me).

Anyway. I’m sorry if I’m boring you dear reader.  ☺️😘











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