imageSmoky floral citrus notes (Laura Tonatto) begin the journey of the mysterious, and alluring Amir.  It’s an earthy scent, like a breath of fresh air in a forest with labdanum, a deep and sensuous amber, myrhh, musk and woody notes.  But it transcends a specific place in time, instead becoming an ephemeral, hazy beauty with remarkably poignant floral notes that float in and out of exposure while an utterly transformative not of incense laps around with smoky billows.  Amir is deeply moving, and quite unique.

Top notes:  floral notes and petit grain.  Middle notes: orange, lemon tree, myrhh and incense.  Base notes:  musk, amber, french labdanum and woody notes.

I was reading a review of a somewhat recent Woody Allen movie yesterday and the reviewer really didn’t like Allen’s writing (but loved his directing). I thought the review seemed more than a little harsh, but the criticisms got me thinking about my own writing inadequacies. I really do need to work on so much if I ever plan to try for something beyond this blog…

Anyway, on another note, it’s been a rough last six months… I really don’t like living in Seattle and there’s been a myriad of difficult things to deal with (some discussed and many not). I know a lot of people have been struggling lately though… Hugs to all of us (sincerely)…

Until Thursday…


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