At first Decadence (Marc Jacobs 2015) is an aquatic, warm and lovely plum, saffron and iris.  Then it softly elaborates on a theme into rose, a fruity jasmine and soft orris root.  And, all while a modern base casts a gentle hue, creating a very sweet, sensual and yet upbeat drydown.

And on a related note this fragrance pairs marvelously with Jicky edt…
Top notes: Italian plum, saffron and iris.  Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, sambac jasmine and orris root.  Base notes: amber, vetiver and papyrus wood.



Up in Smoke:  Part III of III

In the background the music had stopped playing.

“I suppose we could go change the record.” he quietly suggests, trying to gain his composure.


He rises, in almost a stupor, and walks towards the hallway leading to the stairs.  Everything is quiet for a moment.

Eliza moves off the sofa and upon reaching the bottom stair step she hears the sounds of Ravel’s Bolero.

“I’m afraid I don’t like Joni Mitchell much.  Do you?”  Pat calls to her, posing the question with a hazy tranquility as he stands by the record player.

“No.  I don’t like her music at all really…  I’m afraid.”

He looks at Eliza when she reaches him and inspects her for a moment before saying, “Your glass is almost empty.  Would you like another pour?  I think I would like some myself…”

The two move through the swinging, white painted, wooden door to the kitchen.  Eliza bites her lip and then walks over to him, facing him directly as if to explain herself or lighten the mood.  But, she senses a hush between them and they both refrain from speech entirely.  He drinks his entire glass and then watches her as she finishes.

“I want to kiss you again…  I’m sorry…  I suspect it’s chronic.”  He looks down at her face with restraint and pleads with fervency.

All Eliza can do is smile bashfully.

The two pairs of lips meet and exchange a lingering, interloping sweetness.  And, as the song works into a fevered pulse, their restrained but certain passions bring them very deep indeed.

Pat takes her hand, opens the kitchen door and says, “You said you wanted to take a walk by the lake.  It stopped raining…   And, so do I…  Let’s go.”

Running together in the muddy darkness, they slide messy, to a moonlit pool of black.

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