Reveal (Calvin Klein 2014) begins with a salty, peppery olfactory attack and yet it’s super pretty and quite uncanny.  Right away iris is noticeable, followed by sandalwood, then musk and ambergris.  This is an exciting, open, youthful fragrance that is not just for those under a certain age but those young at heart…

Into the drydown a somewhat fruity vetiver is soft, poignant and pleasing…  And still, a saltiness like tears, blood or sweat – human experience – is present.

While I’m generally very vintage in my fragrance choices this is one recent fragrance I’m quite drawn to.  It manages to both follow the rules and break them at the same time…


Top notes: white pepper, black pepper, pink pepper and salt accords.  Middle notes: iris and ambergris.  Base notes: musk, vetiver, cashmere and sandalwood.

Noses:  Jean-Marc Chaillan and Bruno Jovanovic


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