Truthful and Giving

Since I missed two posts this last week here are two reviews.  And they came together so it works perfectly…


Truthful (Philosophy 2015) is sweet, fruity and floral. It has a very contemporary freshness of green grass with a powdery femininity.  It’s gentle but bold.

Giving (Philosophy 2015) is also quite gentle.  And it too has a definite sweetness…  But there’s also a cool, almost blue hue from the supple note of pear.

Truthful Notes: grass, apple and magnolia.

Giving Notes: cashmere wood, heliotrope and pear. 



Raindrops On My Window: Part IV of IV

The rest of the Summer of 1934 and into the Fall months Tom and I fell further in love and I can’t say that there was ever an unhappy ending…  While our lives were certainly not fraught with dramatic moments beyond the excitement of the beginning they were extremely content.  And we shared them together.

I went back to school in the 50’s and received a PhD in French Literature and Tom was the vice president of a bank in Rhode Island for thirty years before retiring.  After that we spent long hours together in quiet happiness…

Together we had four children.  Three of them became doctors and one spent most of her adult life as a stay-at-home mother of three boys.

Sometimes I have people ask me, “Pat, what’s your secret to being so happy?  How did you and Tom do it?”  Tom died last year of a heart attack.  I tell them, “Well, we didn’t have to try that hard.  There wasn’t a secret.  We were just incredibly lucky.” They never seem to believe me and I certainly don’t blame them.

But it’s true.  I mean, we both did our best to be decent and kind people and certainly there were moments when life was hard, but overall we were just very fortunate.  And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel thankful for that.  I never cried much, because life didn’t give me much to cry about.  And believe me, I am thankful.  We were just two very happy people.

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