L’ Eau D’Issey Pour Homme


Honestly, I think is one of my favorite traditional men’s fragrances ever.

L’ Eau D’ Issey (Issey Miyake 1994) is refined, tender, soft and very crisp and cool.  It has a handsome mix of citrus notes that are uniquely able to be both intensely composed and yet engaging and friendly.

It’s quietly spicy and subtly mysterious.  It doesn’t shout but it has a presence.

Quite perfect.

Top notes: yuzu, coriandre, cypress, mandarin orange, sage, calone, lemon verbena, bergamot, lemon and tarragon.  Middle notes: bourbon geranium, Ceylon cinnamon, Blue lotus, mignonette, saffron, lily-of-the-valley, and nutmeg.  Base notes: amber, cedar, sandalwood, Tahitian vetiver, musk, and tobacco.

Nose: Jacques Cavallier


I haven’t written in this section for quite some time…   Our lives have been extremely hectic.

I’m sorry I didn’t write my short story of the month last week.  I came down with the stomach flu and wasn’t feeling the best before that either to be honest…

I’ve been struggling lately with trying to work out various things in my head.  Namely, I’ve been realizing how silly and stupid and awful humans can really be in a way I don’t think I’ve fully recognized before.  Funny…   And yet, of course, I believe, and always will believe, that we are all still very worthy of love.

The thing is, growing up, as I’ve shared before, we were the exception in a wealthy neighborhood.  We were the ones who didn’t have the right labels.  But as I’ve grown further into my  adulthood years I’ve began to realize that in regard to class snobbery “the poor people,” middle-class people, working-class folks…  can really suck too…

So, basically, I think that there are just some people who are truly wretched when it comes to issues of status (and perhaps in other ways) and others who aren’t…


Really though, I am so tired of people “hating on” rich people.  I really am.  And do you know why?  Not because rich people don’t necessarily deserve animosity, but because it seems that often the loudest voices of spite are not from people who truly care about inequality in some altruistic, compassionate, and productive way.  Instead, they are often just the people who are most angry and bitter that they themselves aren’t rich or rich enough.  And I bet you that if you were to take many of those folks (not all) who get most upset about people who wear expensive labels, drive nice cars, live in fancy houses, and give them all those luxuries and a lush, steady bank account that they would, in fact, turn into snobs.  Particularly at first…

All the people hating each other from “up high” or “down below”…  are the same sort of people.

I know.  This is obvious and elementary.

I’m sorry…

Our experiences and perspectives change over time.  And no, I don’t mean that I’m becoming a Republican as I age as the cliche (should I use the word cliche?  It certainly seems like one to me.  Sorry if that’s just ignorant.) goes…

Oh, and in the process of looking at designer handbags lately (see old post) I’ve realized something else.  Apparently so many people have promulgated this idea that truly rich people hate wearing anything with an obvious label that now almost anybody who cares about being perceived as being of at least somewhat high status (whether they acknowledge it or not) goes around saying that they hate obvious labels.  Just read a handbag enthusiast message board and you’ll see what I am describing.   If the irony of that is lost on you I’m sorry.

My problem is that I like monogram Louis Vuitton…

According to the rules of dress set by two varieties of the snobs, if I wear Louis Vuitton monogram I’m likely either a. tacky and actually shamefully poor (and yet of course those who hold this belief might still be covetous to some degree anyway because luxury is still luxury) or I’m b. a mean, superficial rich lady who is (again) tacky (and those who hold this belief would be more obvious with any brand of jealousy).   So…  I’ve been struggling.  Do I care what people think?

Do I care?  (I’m sitting her asking myself this right now.)

Well, what I care about is whether or not it’s truly wise, and/or moral for me to own an expensive handbag in the first place.  Beyond that?  No.

A lady on one of those handbag lover sites told a sob story about how she saw a woman who worked at her local grocery store wearing a Louis Vuitton Speedy and how she could no longer wear Louis Vuitton because of it.   And then in response to her comment someone else went on and on about how devalued certain brands are nowadays because of sites like eBay, where “the poor people” can acquire trickle down luxury goods…   And of course, beyond their conversation, there are whole articles written in great depth about this perceived problem of devaluation.

And, in response, part of me feels leftover pain and anxiety from being bullied in my childhood and I want to do whatever the masses require of me.  But then I find myself thinking it would be lovely to wear tons of monogram and big labels on everything just to piss a lot of pretentious assholes off…

The latter sounds like a heck of a lot more fun, and therefore genuinely luxurious and liberating.  Nouveau riche, old money, middle-class, poor…   Heck.  I’m just me.  No “labels.”  And since that’s conveniently a cool thing right now too I think most people who notice won’t care…  (rolling eyes)


Until Tomorrow.





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