Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet


At the start, the family resemblance between Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (Dior 2014) and Miss Dior Cherie is noteworthy, but as the fragrance continues the note of mandarin becomes perhaps most original in its juicy zest.  Where Miss Dior Cherie was a bit smoky, playful and nearly naughty, Blooming Bouquet is delicate, clean and indeed evocative of… a blooming bouquet. One might wear Miss Dior or Miss Dior Cherie to a wedding, but it’s all but certain Blooming Bouquet would be absolutely appropriate.  The pretty peony, gentle peach and subtle apricot might even remind one of crisp Champagne.  It’s light, fresh, a little sweet and very pretty.

Top note: Sicilian mandarin.  Middle notes: pink peony, damask rose, peach and apricot. Base note: white musk.

Nose: Francois Demachy

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