Black Rain and Crystal Rain

13706783_278833589146690_1314885866_nCrystal Rain:

Like masterful strokes of a brush on canvas in the hands of a gifted artist, each note is cleverly placed with a delicate, nuanced beauty in Crystal Rain (Renier Perfumes 2016).  All at once a list of lovely notes can be accounted for; connected to form a fresh, airy, elegant and yet entirely easy-going fragrance.  Among the stunning array are a particularly detectable orange blossom, bergamot, thyme, apple, cypress, cedar, amber and ambergris.

Black Rain:

Powdery, perfect rose flanked by a romantic and sublime chamomile opens Black Rain (Renier Perfumes 2016).  And, at the start, this exceptionally lovely fragrance is quite reminiscent of vintage Guerlain Liu, but without the aldehydes and with an endearingly nostalgic violet and leather added.  Then there is a quiet jasmine among the florals…  And the musky, floral, patchouli tinted, beautifully sensuous and animalic drydown begins


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