An Addendum To My Last Post

I’m the sort of person who analyzes things, and…  after rereading my last post for mistakes just now I think I need to make a few caveats.

Even though I relate to Betty Draper, I wasn’t saying I’m a total replica in every way (even in the ways I specifically described her).  For example, I’m actually not a fearful person, although I would say I’m often anxious…   But I do feel like similar to her in many ways…

And, in relation to that, I need to work on making it easier to understand what I’m trying to express in my writing.  I often have a hard time being completely clear about my message and totally pinning down my exact thoughts and feelings.  I’m sure I’m not alone in that problem though.  I’m well aware I’m a very amateur writer, but I hope to improve…

Also, I’m sorry if I’m boring any of you…  or getting too deep and personal.   I’m a very discrete and pretty private person actually, in many ways, but…  I don’t feel any particular shame about being human in general and expressing that experience.   Actually, the novel I’m writing is pretty autobiographical so…  I’ve been preparing myself to be open about certain things for a while.   I feel bad if it makes people uncomfortable though…

Lastly, random thought but related to all my sharing, I think normal interactions can be challenging, but it’s especially difficult to really get to know people and understand them on social media…  Right!?  I think a person can genuinely connect with people (although sometimes in reality there might actually be nothing) but then wires, signals and signs, can get crossed…  And well, that’s just sad.  I like to hope my blogging helps explain my perspective to people but maybe it doesn’t…


Anyway, just to warn you, I’m not going to stop writing a lot of personal thoughts this week so…  haha…  And to the two of you who liked my last post, (if you read this) thanks for the encouragement!!  🙂

Until tomorrow…

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