A most remarkable experience happened to me yesterday (or today, Thursday, as I’m writing this)…

I’ve been in the middle of a situation where something that many people might discount as completely “coincidental” has continued to happen over and over again.  And, I’ve been torn between just assuming it’s my imagination and believing it’s as real as anything.   In all honesty, I’ve even become very emotionally invested in it being real…  But, in spite of that (or maybe because of it), I’ve never fully allowed my mind to accept it as being fact.

But, today was mind-bending…  It became almost more logical at one point to accept things as fact than to reject them on some level as just my imagination…  I found it both overwhelmingly beautiful and a little scary.  Scary because if it’s real it’s also very meaningful (at least I think it is) and I wouldn’t want to take it lightly…


And, no, it’s not something that could be considered a symptom of schizophrenia, or bi-polar disorder or anything like that (not that I’m joking in saying this- only clarifying because given the way I’m describing it I think it could give that impression)…  It’s just… one of those things that a person could see as being possible (in a completely normal version of reality) but…  maybe it seems too good to be true or something?  Or similarly, maybe life doesn’t usually have nearly that much…  something…


I’ve done a terrible job at keeping up with my reading this week, but at least I’ve been writing more.  And, I did work on the second part to my short story of the month.

So… well wishes, hugs…  and genuine care to you dear reader.   Until tomorrow…  Thanks for reading.  🙂










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