By the Pacific

We’re very close to the ocean, of course, and my family that lives out here is quite knowledgeable about the best beaches and other places to visit.   One of my mother’s cousins had the idea to visit the ocean today…  It seemed like a lovely plan.

It was beautiful, but…  it was also surprisingly cold.  Truly.  I wore a sweatshirt, shorts and wrapped myself in a wool blanket but had to go sit in our car for most of the outing to keep myself warm.  Haha…  Oh dear.  I loved it though.   I love the ocean…

At one point my son and Mark came by the car to find out where my mother and her cousin were.  Apparently they had all been separated…  And then, of course, a few minutes after they left my mother and her cousin came by to ask where Mark and our son were…

But, it was the Pacific Ocean.  🙂   And, it was nice to watch as my son ran on the beach to his heart’s content.

I have to be honest, I kept thinking about The Handsome Gentleman the entire day.  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that on this blog…   Perhaps, if he does read my blog, it’ll ruin some sort of mystery.  Yet…   I think I’d rather he know than not…  🙂

As a part of the thinking I did on the drive to the ocean, one thing that ran through my mind was a comment I made on this blog about my husband finding someone else someday, possibly, and how I hoped she would be a good mother to my son…  I think I need to clarify that statement.   I’m not saying that I want this lady to be his mother in the way that I am to him…  Oh no noo…   It’s just that she would be his stepmother and, of course, I would want her to be a wonderful stepmother…  But, I’m really hoping my husband, first and foremost, does a good job figuring that whole thing out if he ever is in a position to do so…

…Anyway, I’m feeling hopeful about quite a few things, but I also feel like I’m living in a dream sometimes.  And it’s wonderful…  You know, the sort of dreams where you know you’re dreaming?  You enjoy everything so much, but you also feel that any moment you could wake up.   I’m hoping I wake up to this being reality someday or that if it is at all a dream, that reality isn’t too far off…

Until tomorrow.  Have a nice start to your week! 🙂

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