Fried Green Tomatoes

So last night I had this random idea to listen to the soundtrack from the film Fried Green Tomatoes while I did some writing.  I remember discovering the soundtrack in college on Pandora because the score was composed by Thomas Newman, and I really like his music.  I was so moved last night by the soundtrack that I had to watch at least part of the film.  I can remember when it first came out.  I think I even saw it once a long time ago, but last night I realized just how good it really is…   The love between Buddy and Ruth is so genuine and sweet.  The scenes when both Buddy and Ruth die are some of the most memorable I think I’ve ever experienced…  Oh my…  Those moments are stunning, cathartic and in a way very hopeful because I think they capture so much redemptive beauty in tragedy…   Maybe that sounds odd (or not)?  But, an example of what I mean is Idgie’s profound love for both Ruth and Buddy as expressed by her responses in those scenes…    I suppose those parts might seem melodramatic to some people.  I thought they were authentic.  I guess, if you ever want to really cry (at least, I cried)…   And they were all so perfectly cast.

But, on a lighter note, I purchased two samples from Krigler.  I bought Manhattan Rose and Patchouli 55 Classic.  I believe Patchouli 55 was a favorite of Jackie O and given her other impeccable tastes in fragrance (and in everything probably) I’m excited to see what it’s like.  Manhattan Rose just sounds gorgeous based on the notes…  and the name.

I still don’t know for sure what’s going on with Handsome, but it also still seems magical.  I think it’s possible he might be a very caring person and he certainly has a great sense of humor.

Oh dear, I’m sure I’m shocking some people by writing about Handsome (and probably many other things) since I’m still married.  But…  in case you care to know “where I am on things” (some old friends and family members might) well…  I’m still a Christian, I still believe in right and wrong and I still care about what God wants.  *sigh*  (Although, just at this moment I don’t have the wisdom or courage to put into words exactly what I really feel and think about it all.)

Really though, I think Handsome is…  well…  I probably shouldn’t express how I feel entirely without being a bit more certain about what’s happening…  🙂

Anyway…  it’s almost the end of the week.  🙂



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