I really have enjoyed wearing La Petite Robe Noire Couture today.  I say I enjoy wearing fragrances and I’m sincere…

I think I might have missed when Handsome was trying to connect with me today.  At least, I missed it for most of the day…  and then, late at night, it hit me.  It clicked in my head what he was doing…  or may… have been doing.   And, if my suspicions are correct, then what he did was…  beautiful...  I use that word too much, but it’s the word that I think fits best this time.

Gosh…  if I’m correct in my late night suspicions, the ones where he showed real kindness and understanding in this sensitive, sweet way, then he’s an incredible person.  Honestly.  Well, at least, he might be…  I’d just say he unequivocally is, but I suppose I can’t yet?   I want to say it though…  Very badly.

Honestly, I almost want to say that I might never have encountered a more sensitive person in my whole life.  But who knows…   Hopefully, I will be able to know someday though…   Oh I really hope so…

I’m also sorry I didn’t understand.  I kept trying to connect with him, but, of course, I think we maybe already had…  🙂

Lots of random thoughts on this blog tonight…   I’m going to sleep in a little bit of an awe, actually.  A lovely wonder about many things.




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