A Laughing Matter

So it seems Handsome might have just been thinking that what was going on between us was a joke?  Like, it was funny to make me think something between us was real or meant something?

Hmm…  This is a new one indeed…

Handsome, if you’re reading this, that’s the impression I have right now – that you do this sort of thing or flirt with friends often or something as a joke?  And I was just a joke?

Am I understanding this correctly?  If so, you’re an awful person.  You really are.  You’re a useless person too.

If that’s not what was happening between us…   it just became a whole hell of a lot harder to pursue me, because that’s the idea I have in my mind right now.   You’re going to have to actually do something normal to pursue me now (and by normal I mean like… an actual acknowledged conversation) if you this isn’t true… because I’m done.   I’m not a joke.  My family is not a joke…  No human ever is.  And I can’t make sense of you…

You know, the sad truth is, I’m not that surprised if you are a total ass.  This world is full of people like you…  You’re not at all unique.  I guess I might have been very wrong about you being anything but common…


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