If you’re looking for my review of Emir it’s the post before this one…  🙂  Thank you!!


I’m incapable of totally expressing my thoughts tonight.  They feel too personal to share on this blog freely, I’m afraid.  And, I feel conflicted because this is such a good place to communicate what I’m thinking and feeling clearly…  But, really, Handsome is the only person who I want to know the majority of what’s going through my mind.

Honestly, even given the amount that we’ve interacted I feel like he’s reached a little part of my heart that no one has quiet touched…   *sigh*  Yes, I know how sickeningly cliché that sounds.  And, I hope Handsome, that that doesn’t seem scary or too passionate to read…   But I’ve never encountered anyone like you before.   Sorry…  it’s just the truth.  You really do seem to be incredible.   🙂

I almost want to shrug right now and shake my head back and forth…  But that seems much too cold and non-nonchalant to suit what it is exactly that I’m aiming at.  And saying thank you also seems inappropriate.

It seems like there are so many things to worry about right now, but…  I almost don’t want to?  That’s very unusual actually, I think.  As messed up as some things seem to be, as half crazy, frightening, and…   fantastic in every sense as they are, I feel a strange sort of peace. Well, yeah…  it’s sort of a peace.

And, I think, I need to start quoting poetry now…  Which, generally means I try poems by Sara Teasdale first.  Her work often helps me clarify my own feelings and thoughts into words.  It has since high school…









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