A while back, I made a comment on Twitter about a statement made by Former United States Representative Patrick Kennedy who thought that people shouldn’t refer to Donald Trump as “crazy.”  I thought that it was fair to call him crazy based on his behavior…

But you know, I was wrong.  It really is never ok to throw around the word crazy that way.  And I see that now because I suspect people have thought I was crazy lately or at least “crazy.”  Experience is good at opening our eyes.

And you know, I have often empathized with Donald Trump.  I have…  That’s not to say that I will vote for him, or that I think he his behavior is at all often appropriate or good…  He’s deplorable in many ways.  But, I still empathize with him.  He is a human.  He also has a truly lovely ability to say whatever he wants.  Again, what he says might not be worth hearing, but I do respect him for being fearless in some way…   I think that that’s part of what people love about him.  Good people.  He seems to see through so much and then just says whatever…

No, I will never flippantly call people crazy again.  It’s not a suitable word.  It never elucidates any part of the very complicated mind of a human being.  It just relegates people off into oblivion.  Or at least it almost masks, in the case of Donald Trump, the part we’ve played in creating the “crazy.”  It separates people…

And, in the case of this blog and my art (and yes I will now call myself a writer and artist and fuck people who tell me I can’t yet or ever) I will never be afraid again of people calling me crazy for being myself.  You have to decide at some point if you’re going to worry about people misunderstanding you to the point that you disguise your soul and stay in the lines, or if you’ll risk being ridiculed, (tortured) and fodder for people looking for a victim…   I choose to be myself and if only a few people truly hear me and understand then I guess that’s it.


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