A Few Caveats

I think I should say a little more in relation to my last post…  This morning I started wondering about something.  What if Handsome wants to call me?   I suppose that’s possible.  No texts, no…  emails…  Just call me.  So, Handsome, if you read this here are a few thoughts.

I think phone calls can be very pleasant.  It’s always nice to hear someone’s voice.  However, I’m so out of practice having a conversation on the phone  (as many people are nowadays) that I’m likely to sound a little awkward…   So, if you do decide to just call me please be warned.

Also, for some reason my phone has been acting quirky for a while and you usually have to call twice.  The first time it goes to voice mail.  Seriously…  I have no idea why…  I’ve been meaning to get it fixed for a while but partially out of laziness, to be honest, and partly because our lives are busy I keep forgetting.  I suppose the fact that my mother and Mark are the only people I actually know who call me (and I only know this because of them) hasn’t brought the issue up very often either…   Anyway, sorry about that.  Truly…

My last thought on phone calls is this: if you do call, can you let me know when?  If not, I understand, but it would be nice…  I want to give you my full attention and this week I’m with my son a lot so it would be easier.  Again, if not, I understand, I think…

Oh dear…  Well, there you have it.  🙂  However it happens, it would be nice to hear from you later.  Of course…



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