I think I’m going to have to stop talking about Handsome for a while…   He’s become kind of a conundrum.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that as an insult to him at all.  Sincerely.  Quite the opposite actually…   The moment I think he might just be kind of a mostly heartless ass in regard to me, he surprises me and then I get confused about who it is I’m dealing with exactly.  It mixes me up…   So, for the sake of trying to give myself room to breath and ponder things, I’m going to go silent about him on this blog for at least a little while.  I think.

I will say that while I have felt the need to stand up to Handsome lately I hope he realizes that I’m not trying to genuinely disrespect him in any way in the process…  I just can’t let him attack my family…  I just can’t.  No matter how alluring his blue eyes really are.  Nope.  Can’t do it…

Overall today was odd and yet kind of lovely…  in a peculiar way.

On the lovely side, one of my friends on Instagram sent me a very generous bottle of perfume she found in Germany recently on a visit there and it arrived in the mail today.  It is divine!  I’ve never smelled a jasmine in my life that I like better…  I can hardly wait to review it.  If she reads this post: thank you Amanda!  You’re amazing!

However, apparently there’s been an outbreak of scammers calling people claiming to be the IRS lately and today they called my dear mother.  They claimed that she had violated some law and that there was a warrant out for her arrest.  It should have been obvious right away that they were full of nonsense, but for some reason they caught her off-guard and became belligerent when she tried to get off the phone…  Eventually, I grabbed the phone from her and then they yelled at me too.   I started asking too many questions though and they finally just hung up after a while.  Then we had a good laugh about it once we both calmed down.  But it was…  weird.  They were great actors.  I have to give them that.



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