The Truth Is…

The truth is that right now, as I sit here writing this, I feel fairly overwhelmed.  It’s not in a bad way though.  I even enjoy feeling overwhelmed once and while.  It’s kind of pleasant when there’s a feast of emotions laid out before you waiting to be experienced and sorted through.

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Handsome, but…  I also added “I think” at the end of the paragraph where I wrote that for a reason.  Well, anyway, I was moved by him today…  It scares me how much he can “get to me” because I still don’t know what he’s really thinking about so many things and it’s such an amazingly complex situation.  But, I’ll just keep listening…   To a large degree what happens next is up to him because he knows more than I do about the overall state of things…   I think.  If this is a dance then he’s the one leading right now, as far as I can tell…  I’ll just keep my eyes open, I suppose…

Thank goodness it’s earlier tonight as I’m writing these thoughts.  I often post these journal entries much too late in the day.  Tonight hopefully I’ll actually get somewhere on Instagram…   I miss a lot of people on there.  I’ll also post a review (finally) for Herba Fresca…



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