Moving Forward…

First, I’d like to apologize.  This blog has been an absolute mess lately.  Posts keep being unintentionally published and I’m not adhering to my own schedule.  I’m sorry!  Truly…

In some respects I believe I handle emotional stress well, and in others I have always struggled.  I’m working on it.


So, just to be clear, I am done with any sort of non-platonic interaction with Mr. Blue until he contacts me and can prove that he has some honorable intentions.  I think this may have been confused at some point since the last post…  I’m not sure if he wants to be friends of any sort or not but if I am his friend I’m not looking for a “special” friendship…

Anyway…  I hope to someday find a man who is looking for me…  It seems difficult to know if there are any men who would be a good match or to potentially marry who are available and exist…  but I’m optimistic.  You have to be.  And I suppose if I leave Mark and am alone forever then that’s that.  Sigh…

More later…



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