True Love

I know what true love is supposed to feel like.  When you’re young it’s easiest to cherish that beautiful dream.  It feels closer, and maybe that’s because it really is.  Or perhaps not…

At any rate, lately I was hoping I had found something meaningful with Mr. Blue.  If he was making a fool of me I don’t know that I even care anymore…  I’m almost proud of it because at least I took the risk for something that is very valuable to me.

And if he wasn’t lying, well…  what happens next is really more up to him than me.  I would think he realizes that by now.    If I have to keep spelling out how to capture my heart then he’s not the right one and never was, sadly.

No, but see that’s the thing.  There’s an incredible amount of freedom that comes from experiencing pain for something you believe in (if it’s the right sort of thing).

It seems like, more than anything, shame is the most powerful force in America right now.  We shame each other left and right.   Everyone is embarrassed by something…   And we use that to control each other.   If there’s one thing that keeps us all from having an honest and productive dialogue I think that that’s it.  We’re all too embarrassed by our true selves and we’re all too scared of seeing each other’s true selves too.

I don’t think this is a post truth election.  I think we are instead on the precipice of diving into the beautiful unknown and I think we’re scared.  We’re caught between a world where pretty lies “kept things together” and one where harsh truths have to be embraced to survive.  At least, that’s my opinion…

Anyway, in an attempt to be unashamed, I will admit that on a very dark level I find the drama of the current election season very entertaining, even as I very vaguely worry that Trump could destroy the entire world if he wins.   And, it’s ironic that this is all taking place during Halloween season.  It’s perfect.  This election really is a great “haunted house.”  But, that thrill is, of course, overpowered by the sense that things really could go terribly wrong.

I just keep hoping that enough decent people with good intentions really will keep us all afloat…  No matter what.



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