I still think about Mad Men occasionally.  The other morning I was half dreaming and half awake, processing through something rather painful and I thought about a character I haven’t considered in some time: Rachel Menken.  She was never one of my favorite characters, although out of all Don Draper’s many flings and flirtations she was one of the women I liked the most.   I thought she symbolized something and apparently was I mumbling about it so to speak.   They thought I was talking about Rachel Maddow and were worried I was having some sort of nightmare based on the current state of everything going on in the world.  But no…  I was thinking about love.

And frankly I was thinking mostly about Don Draper’s ignorance.  He was such a tragic figure, especially in regard to Rachel.   He was the sort of person who didn’t know how to recognize love…   So when he fell it didn’t register in his mind as anything he knew how to handle well.  He shuffled Rachel off once he completely lost himself in the sea of feelings he had for her.  Instead of building a ship and floating to safety he sank…  Instead of swimming he tried to breathe under water.  He was a love heretic.  

It made her life less…  potentially?  But it certainly seemed to affect him more profoundly than he even started to recognize by the end of the series.  The whole thing intrigues me…   How did this truly affect everyone?  

At any rate, he’s a road map of exactly what not do to do…  But what is she?  Too bad we don’t entirely know.  Or do we?  I should watch the episode again… 

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