Il Mio Sogno

With a powdery and soapy vintage beginning a bit like Je Reviens, Il Mio Sogno (Bosari 1870 1939) is dreamy, fresh and almost romantic.  Rosewood, neroli and orange blossom blend very well and an old perfumery rose, gardenia and vetiver are hard to miss.  Oakmoss and frankincense add warmth and depth.  This is one of the scents you want to breath in, slowly.  It’s almost a little reminiscent of vintage Bourjois fragrances like Mais Oui and Soir de Paris…   

Top notes:  coriander, rosewood, neroli, mandarin and bergamot.   Middle notes: orange blossom, muguet, rose, gardenia, and ylang ylang.  Base notes: oakmoss, frankincense and vetiver.  

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