So I’m starting another collection, but this time instead of variety I’m aiming for exact similarities.   You see, I’m actually (oddly enough) nearly finished with making the perfume collection of my dreams…  And while I intend to add many more and sample tons, I do need a new hobby somewhat soon.  

I’ve thought about collecting records.  And I’m trying to read more…  I still have to finish my books…  And I paint.  BUT!  Today I stumbled upon the perfect idea…  

A really lovely antique store with fantastic prices and rare items (what better combination can you have?) is closing.  I think the owner is retiring…   So, everything is half price to clear their inventory.  And today I found dreamy Nippon China: a salt and pepper shaker set and a sugar bowl with lid.  They’re both from the 1930’s seemingly and have the sunrising backstamp.  

Now, I know collecting Nippon is…  well… cliché.  But, goodness…  they’re so pretty and I think it’d be a fun challenge to try to find everything…   All the research and investigation.   Lots of fun… 

So perhaps that will be a new feature on this blog: Nippon China.   It’s actually really fascinating how much of a good hunt and adventure finding authentic pieces is.   If the M in the middle is just slightly off it’s done!   Things like that…  Nothing but a tiny hair of a difference here or there…   makes it real or something to push off to the side.  

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