Green aldehydes mix with rich florals and peach has a wild flurry with bergamot and coriander in Zadig (Emilio Pucci 1971).  Then a heady, swirl of civet, lovely ylang ylang and honey meet balsam and amber. Spices introduce themselves more aggressively while patchouli adds an element of wet earth. It’s a *very* intense fragrance on my skin and frankly my chemistry rearranges the notes in such a way that it’s not particularly nice… It reminds me slightly of the way Fabergé Aphrodisia played with my chemistry. Not so great…  Some love this fragrance named after the novel by Voltaire and some don’t… I don’t. 

Top notes: coriander, orange, peach, bergamot and aldehydes.  Middle notes: honey, orris root, cloves, jasmine, and ylang ylang.  Base notes: Tolu balsam, cinnamon, civet, musk, amber, patchouli, vanilla, benzoin and vetiver.  

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