Amber & Lavender Cologne

Delightful.  Jo Malone fragraces are almost always, always nothing if not delightful.  This lavender cool beauty is like crystal clear spring water running over mountain rocks (Jo Malone 1995).  The bergamot has a big role here…  But lets not forget the remarkable amber…  And how mint, clove and muguet meld into one note of clean, elegant perfection.    If you’re not thirsty for a tall glass of ice cold mineral water when you smell this you’ll instantly become thirsty for one upon sniffing it.  …I see so many iconic fragrances coming after this one that must have been inspired by it.  Jo Malone, you are a genius indeed.

Top notes: bergamot, lavender and mint.  Middle notes: lily-of-the-valley, clove and cinnamon.  Base notes: myrhh, patchouli and amber.

Nose: Jo Malone

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