Some Things…

So far 2018 has felt… slightly traumatic. Yes. Traumatic.

See, the year 2017 was so rough and crazy that time went by more quickly or the holidays provided some sort of moment to reflect and finally let all the sharp, terrifying realizations of the last year sink in. Either way, I wasn’t ready for a new year. 2018 came too quickly. And in that fast, premature spot I started this year. All two days of it. And it’s been… weird.

Also, we’ve had weather colder than I recall it almost ever being consistently. Cold and dry. There’s snow here in Minnesota but not that much. And it’s absolutely, brutally frigid.

At least, that’s my perception of the weather… But, I could be wrong. Maybe I just got used to Seattle?

Actually, right now I feel an unpleasant and confusing mix of hope and sadness. And, I’m not sure which one should be taken the most seriously. Do you know what I mean?

There could be many moments to enjoy and passionately love in the future. Or, not? Perhaps the world is headed down a dark path, led by ego-maniacs and we’ll all suffer? Or there could be… a bit of mysterious magic brewing? It’s an unsure and deeply unknown era.

I keep trying to steer things toward some kind of steady and relative calm in my own life. I love adventure but it’s nice to know things. It’s nice to have some sort of normalcy, even if it’s a “new normal.”

But life seems to keep throwing me off balance every now and then. Just when I think I’m starting to understand the overall scope of things, I am tossed about.

Still, it’s a better winter than last winter. Much more calm. Much more pleasant… So, I must have learned something from the previous trials. I must be learning…

Oh well. At least my shoe collection is steadily improving. 😂 It’s a small thing but it’s fun.


3 thoughts on “Some Things…

  1. Hello Karrie, I know what you mean. While a new year is supposed to herald new beginnings and all that, the reality is that we take stuff with us into this new year. I also have very mixed feelings three days into 2018. And maybe that’s the way it should be. Wishing you a good 2018. R

    • Actually, it does feel like a “new beginning” but that’s the problem. I think what I was trying to say is that I wasn’t ready for 2017 to end yet… It felt undone. Prematurely ending…

      And yes! Isn’t that true. There are always things that we “bring with us.” But, this year it’s more than that for me. It just feels… Well, it’s like I keep saying. It felt like 2017 went by faster than it should have.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and happy 2018 to you too!! 😀☺️

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