Majestic Woods


Intriguingly, Majestic Woods by Juicy Couture (2017) reminds me of brilliant creations by Daniel Josier for Renier Parfums: Black Rain and Kisses Rain, but with a hint of Black Opium for good measure… I like it, but find it derivative. Still, I really like it…

Ambroxan is saucy and bold here with a seductive tip of the hat to a sweet tonka bean and a genuinely lovely woody note. Certainly praline is also present and it’s smoky… but Majestic Woods is a bit more animalic than most sugary fragrances with similar notes. Although, it does remind me of the Renier fragrances and so I probably am a bit biased in this fragrance’s favor…

Notes: Woody notes, ambroxan, amber, praline and tonka bean.

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  1. fragroom says:

    I am not familiar with Juicy Couture fragrances, Karrie. Must sniff them out.

    1. karrielinn says:

      They’re very American maybe? You might like them. In the grand scheme of things they’re sort of a notch above quality celebrity fragrances in my mind… ☺️🤔☺️

      1. fragroom says:

        I’ve seen a few of them at my local chemist, in the same section as the celeb fragrances. R

      2. karrielinn says:

        That sounds about right then. They’re not amazing but they are fairly well done and fun… 🤔 😀☺️ Enjoy exploring.

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