Sycomore by Chanel (Chanel 2008) is like taking a breath of clean mountain air in late spring, early summer. The florals (violet in particular) are sweet and noteworthy but they don’t take center stage. Rather, it’s the cypress and sandalwood with their sincere, crisp beauty that shine. Also, of course, (almost cigarette tinged) vetiver. But I think the pink pepper and juniper and almost just as important as the vetiver… I see a comparison between Sycamore and Guerlain Vetiver though, especially vintage Vetiver. But Sycamore has that definite Chanel stamp and its utterly pristine, nearly transformative charm is unique. I can’t think of a better fragrance to wear or review on this snowy early spring day…

Notes: vetiver, spicy notes, pink pepper, juniper, cypress, sandalwood, aldehydes, tobacco and violet.

Nose: Jacque Polges

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