Fruity!! Oh my, how this one is fruity… But it’s in this delicate, sensual, honeysuckle sweet, jasmine-kissed, utterly vintage way. It’s very aptly named (Jean Patou 1930). Imagine the best, most talented bartender of the 1930’s mixing up a cocktail in Havana and you’ve almost got it… Again, it’s a cigarette smoke tinged fragrance, but its floral lightness and the way boozy yet still elegant lavender and petitgrain mix with a pleasant musk, amber and delightful oakmoss turn it into an olfactory party. Endearing, somewhat feminine and amazingly optimistic I quite like this (very vintage) scent.

Top notes: honeysuckle, petitgrain and lavender. Middle notes: hyacinth, rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine. Base notes: amber, oakmoss and musk.

Nose: Henri Almeras

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