Nuit de Noel


Nuit de Noel (Caron 1922) is a pungent sort of jasmine rose… The oakmoss is given carte blanche and it plays with a memorably smoky, woody, almost old-book-dusty sort of amber. I think this fragrance is kind of punchy, pretty intense and definitely filled with deep emotion… And while other florals aren’t listed beyond ylang ylang, jasmine and rose, it’s hard not to think there’s a few others quietly haunting the background. I think I smell something like carnation and maybe iris… Intriguingly (to me) it debuted the same year as my beloved No. 22, of course, and I think I can detect a very similar tone… and I love it!

Top notes: rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. Middle notes: sandalwood and oakmoss. Base notes: musk and amber. Nose: Ernest Daltroff

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